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Filtering Your Home Water Supply


While there is a shortage of research into the benefits of successful home water filtration, there is a large number of positive reactions from the users of home water filtration. There is a certain peace of mind knowing you and your family are protected from contaminated drinking water.

Let's take quick look at the reasons people choose to have their home water filtered. Some consumers simply filter to remove smell or improve taste. This requires filtration that removes the contaminants causing the problem.  Most likely that includes iron, particulates and chlorine. But increasingly consumers' want whole house filters to remove contaminants that can cause, or are suspected of causing, health problems.

Those contaminants can be inorganic chemicals and metals like lead, arsenic and mercury or synthetic organic chemicals such as pesticides. In the United States more than 60,000 chemicals are used in manufacturing processes, agriculture and other industries. Less than a 100 are regulated by the Safe Drinking Water Act. This leaves our water supply at the mercy of Corporate America where most decisions are based on the profit motive and not environmental concerns. Over the last several years, chemical factories, manufacturing plants and other workplaces have violated water pollution laws more than half a million times. The violations range from failing to report emissions to dumping toxins at concentrations regulators say might contribute to cancer, birth defects and other illnesses. The vast majority of polluters escape any punishment. Some state officials just ignore obvious illegal dumping and the EPA often does not intervene.  

It was estimated by New York Times research and study 1 in 10 Americans have been exposed to drinking water containing dangerous chemicals. In many states more than 50% of regulated facilities violated the Clean Water Act, but enforcement actions against polluters were rare. 

Don't drink unfiltered tap water. In the best case tap water is usually contaminated with chlorine and even more dangerous elements from old water pipes. Have your water tested. You'll sleep a lot better knowing what you're dealing with and how to protect you family.  A multi stage water filter can remove contaminates from your tap water. Consider a filter, especially if you have young children who are much more likely to be affected by contaminated water.


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